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    A friend of mine had a website built about 3 months ago and has not been pleased by his google results. So he asked if I could look at the website. So I did and I was a little shocked to see the company didn’t do somethings I would think they should have done in building a website, I was just wondering if this is the norm or if it is the standard in the industry.
    Things that I found:
    1: All title tags were the same as the main page.
    2: No keywords/description on the main page.
    3: Broken links to content.
    4: URL to pages were page1,page2 no description in the URL of the page.
    5: No HTML or XML site map. Along with no robot.txt
    6: No use of H1-H3 tags
    When I told my friend, he went to the web design company and they said those items are part of there SEO package and that would be a additional fee.

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    Nope….it sounds like they did a crappy job.

    Whether your friend got value is another matter as we don’t know how much he paid.

    I think’s he pretty much SOL other than getting someone else to go over it and fix it all up.

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    h1-h6 tags are pretty standard when building a site. They shouldn’t have to be in a separate package for you to have to purchase. Sounds like the team behind this were just looking for a way to gain more money.

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    While meta keywords are pretty worthless anyway it still sounds like they’re trying to nickel and dime their customers.

    Making people pay extra for different H tags and different page titles & file names reeks of them wanting to rip people off.

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    Some things like BASIC on site really should just be included…that is ridiculous, sounds like your buddy picked the wrong company…hopefully he didn’t pay too much…how is the site otherwise? Design & Code pretty solid? or does it look dated and cheesy? (no offense to your buddy, just some “professional agencies” that jerk people around tend to have subpar everything)

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    First off thanks for the reply, as far as the design I found out yesterday, he was the one that provided the rough draft for it and they just coded it to his rough draft. Also, all the content that is on the site was provided by my friend, he put it into word and then sent them the files and it would appear they cut and pasted the content from word to the website, no mark up. The design is done using tables and alot of comment out code is on the site. The company is one that just does real estate sites, so it is funny they can’t get it right. The price he paid was $1,000.00 and it took them over 3 months to get it done.

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    Of course, I’d be looking at the terms of the written agreement and what they advertised and how it compares but basically he got ripped off…there’s no other way to say it.

    I’d be looking to get my money back. Small Claims filing would probably be the best way.

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    I agree with @paulie_d, Aside from all the other problems with SEO etc…The code/content ratio is probably horrid if they used tables, not to mention how unmanageable it will be in regards to tweaking it later…Did you make sure you ran the site through webmaster tools and submitted the content? I can guarantee that wasn’t done prior…

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    A successful website is the result of many different parts working together toward a common goal or set of goals. Those parts might be the product of one or many different people, one of whom will be the site’s web designer. A web designer only having many responsibilities towards a website.

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    i really agree with you.Doing web design is like a complete package of basics. at first we have build up our basic knowledge than we can shine in web designing. you shared a wonderful experience. thanks for it.

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    Can we have a look at this site in question? ;)

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    I really feel people are jumping to conclusions here. I have had clients tell me that they were not interested in my SEO services because they had a “friend” who could do this part for them on the “cheap’ alarm bells start ringing!

    You just don’t know what was said or agreed to.


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    @Jonathand_d an SEO service should not mean the inclusion of h1 tags. That’s just ridiculous.

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    @Jonathand_d, neglecting h tags because that’s an “upgrade package” is pretty cheapskate IMO..and poor semantics

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    Hi don’t get me wrong I can were you coming from ChrisP. However, I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks not to jump the gun on these type of situation, firstly like what Senff asked for, I really would really like to see url to the website in question.

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