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    OMG! +1 to @Alen! I was JUST talking to my wife about this today.

    I think I’m going to write something in Python/BASH to track my billable hours, automatically populate an invoice and automatically email it to my clients.

    Mine will be a bit too custom for my specific purposes. And… it’s not a “web” app. However, you could make a more vanilla version, suitable for everyone and host it on your site.

    I think that is a very useful thing to make because I hate paperwork.

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    Hmm. I need a cheeseburger. Who’s with me?

    Err, yeah dude just code a cheeseburger. That would earn you an honorary doctorate for being the most awesome hack of all time.

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    Speaking of innovative apps (again not a web app)… I was watching Shark Tank last night as I do every Friday and I saw this:

    This guy developed an app that manipulates the frequency at which the phone vibrates. The vibrations spin your iPhone 360 degrees while automatically snapping photos. It then stitches those photos together to make a fully panoramic photo that pans in a “Ken Burns effect” sort of way.

    This is actually a REALLY simple idea. Though… the code was undoubtedly hard to write, the concept is nothing crazy. The elegance of it is breathtaking. Think of some simple problem that you’re really passionate about solving. Then… get to work!

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    Sorry to post so much stuff but @thedoc is correct telling you to create something you would want to use.

    The BIGGEST and most awesome technologies came from hobbyists. They started building stuff they thought was cool and it turned into HUGE breakthroughs.

    Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Linus Torvalds… ALL started by making little pet projects that turned into much more.

    I think you should make a pet project and see where it takes you. The WORST that can happen is now you have an awesome app that you make use of everyday. Even if no one else uses it, think of the time you’ll save! Plus, you can make it open source and have people contribute on GitHub.

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    so , at last i have an idea , Employee Effort Tracking system, a web based App in Codeigniter , so now any thing you want to say @All, is it a good idea to do ?

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    I might have some ideas for you, add me on Skype to discuss …

    Skype …



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    Employee Effort Tracking system

    How would you track ‘effort’?

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    I highly doubt employees would be supportive of this. It sounds like micromanaging.

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    so , at last i have an idea , Employee Effort Tracking system, a web based App in Codeigniter , so now any thing you want to say @All, is it a good idea to do ?

    Well, “Employee Effort Tracking system” doesn’t really mean anything. Can you describe your idea further? What will this app actually do? what problems will it solve? why will it be nice to use?

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    Also, there’s this already:

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    I agree that tracking ‘effort’ is going to be quite problematic. From a management standpoint, it’s probably wise (economically pragmatic) to assume that everyone is either working as hard as they can or as hard as their going to. If someone isn’t motivated to keep their job or get promoted… I doubt an app will make a dime’s bit of difference.

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