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    Hey folks.
    I have just got a new client is wanting a website. one of the things on the brief is that they want it to be web 2.0. I have always thought of web 2.0 to be stuff like interactivity such as a blog with commenting, allowing for submission to social bookmarking etc. and it occurred to me that I can’t really think of any such things that would really be useful for this site. They don’t want a blog, most of the site itself is static content except for a products page which they want to be able to update themselves.

    So my question here is do I have the right idea of what web 2.0 actually is?


    Chris Coyier

    You do. Ask your client if he/she is interested in Social Media like Facebook and/or Twitter.


    Sounds like the client is just throwing in buzz words that they don’t even understand….

    Chris Coyier

    Make the logo shiny with a reflection. Tell them its AJAX. Ha!

    I’m sure CWDESIGN has the right idea, they probably don’t even know or care what it means and if anything are thinking of social media stuff. Start them up a Twitter account and show their latest tweet somewhere in the design.


    thanks all for your advice. :)

    Rob MacKay

    You have the right idea about Web 2.0 btw :) But like Chris hinted at, Web 2.0 was mistaken for a “look” at one point which was shiney shiney and stickers everywhere :)


    to me web 2.0 was about web API’s & Mashup’s like google map and new type of trend’s like blogs and forums and all type of social media explosion.

    also be ready for web 3.0 – enter the matrix – just to make it short web 3.0 is all about making the web semantic.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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