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    I am looking into a way to use video to show off our studio. I know that video is being used some for full screen backgrounds but I want to do it a little different. I want to see if anyone knows if there is a way to make the video progress the page. I will try to give an example. Ok video starts and runs for 8ish seconds then stops on a member of our team giving their title and a bit of info this stop would be a still image we take and at this stop it would give a button or a series of buttons to continue to the next member or go back to the beginning. I have never seen video used to progress the page and finding anything has been no luck. I know my explanation is horrible but the only thing i really have is some rough drawings.

    Any help in a any direction will be rewarded with a huge high five!


    You could split your video into a series of videos and use jQuery to bind the end of the video to displaying some buttons ect with classes ?

    $(“#video”).bind(“ended”, function() {
    // show some buttons and info here

    Then if they click to move to the next video you could use jQuery to load that in then rather than when they load the page.

    Hope this helps :)


    interesting yeah this would work cause i am doing like 8 videos so one video/staff picture/video/staff picture/ on and on. Thank you much. I would like to see if there is other ways to do it so not going to mark this as solved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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