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    This is really confusing & now became irritating, I’ve been trying to resolve from few days…..please help anyone !

    The problem is with the Vertical Ticker or slider “Import Export Trade Leads” at :

    The developer who made this website & everything in it, has gone with no trace at all. So I have this challenge to manage & maintain this, and I want to post some products from backend/admin-panel. but when I do, it displays different country flag (poster’s country) by ignoring what country was mentioned when I posted the product from admin-panel. But when I click the link, it shows the country flag what was mentioned in that form: ( “Form’s Screencap”)

    How can I tell this “vertical slider” script to get the country info from whatever is mentioned in the form, & if its empty then it can get the member’s country.

    Or just give me an idea about how it gets the items to display on ticker/slider ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    Hi Mottie,

    Thanks for reply, & yes this f_225 is the flag number, & 225=USA Flag.

    you’re right maybe its not a smart thing to share backend info here, but can you give me any idea about how & where it gets the data from ?
    this ticker is made using any one of these jquery sliders:
    jCarouselLite and rsSlideShow

    I hope it may give you some idea about its working.
    And please help me if u can, its really annoying me now :(


    > but can you give me any idea about how & where it gets the data from?

    It seems to me now that @Mottie has helped you figure it out kind of, that the code is pulling the images from the CSS, so maybe it will look something like this;

    .flags {
    width: 50px;
    height: 30px;

    .f_255 {
    background: url(‘path-to-image/american-flag.png’) no-repeat;

    And you would have a bunch of class names for these, each number meaning a different background image for the flag.

    **Or did you know this already?**


    Yes Watson,

    I already know that it uses a single image file for displaying appropriate flag for required country.

    But my question was, the ticker/slider is showing the flag from the member’s info, by ignoring what is mentioned in product submission form.
    I want it to prefer the country info which is mentioned in product form, if it was left blank only then it should get the country from member’s info.

    I guess you can’t help me until you access the source files, should I send you source file if you can come to IM ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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