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    I can’t figure how to create a vertical, looping news ticker with Malsup’s cycle.

    The first problem is that I need to show all (x) elements at a time, not just one. Removing the first and appending it at the bottom is fine but how do I make it keep on scrolling up, smoothly?

    I’m a bit lost, would like some good directions.


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    you need to post a link to your site, post your code, or post a link to the site where you got the code. The more information you post, the easier it will be to help you and you will get the help faster.

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    Sorry, I should have expressed myself more clearly. What I need is ideas to how this could be solved. I think I should be able to code most of it myself once I get the idea.

    Let’s take a simple unordered list as example. It needs to:

    – Continuously scroll li-elements up
    – When a li is scrolled out of view it should be moved to the bottom e.g. save .html() to a var and append it.

    .. and nothing else really? Only difference from most sliders is that it needs to show several elements at a time – not just one.

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    have you looked at using jquery for this? I know of no script that does this kind of thing, but jquery might handle it. Most people in web design would tell you not to use a scroller because it annoys visitors. You might do better with a scroller that is user controlled. … -in-jquery

    scroll down to the center of the page and watch the demo on this one. … eader#Demo

    # August 28, 2009 at 2:12 am

    Aye, it’s for jQuery. And it’s for an 42" monitor hanging on a wall :)

    That demo shows most of what I’d like to do but can’t really use that technique, since it relies on absolute positioning and doesn’t scroll continuosly.

    Thanks for the answer!

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