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    Hey guys,

    Fairly new here, but I registered because reading through the responses in other threads posted in here seem to be very informative and thoroughly written, so, I will also in return to those responding to this Topic and everybody else posting in this Forum, an opinion and response towards their designs.

    Anyways, without further waiting, I have recently been designing a new layout for my newly launched web development studio ‘Escensi’, which the name means ‘to climb’ in Latin, the girlfriend came up with that name after spending many hours playing with words, and anything to-do with my name, in the end, we went for something random and catchy.

    I’ve only done the homepage coding at the moment and playing about with the other pages in Photoshop also tonight, so I’ve uploaded the homepage, you can click on the menu links at the top to get a feel of what the menu will do once clicked, I think the menu is beautiful personally, as it is something original and out of the box to standard menus we see these days, it has detail and innovation, don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but this is a new style of designing with this site, as black isn’t a colour I’ve played with a lot, and this is my first black/dark brown site I’ve done, and I’m really happy the way it turned out.

    There is also some JavaScript using MooTools going on in the homepage too, just keep your eye out on the right pane and after 6-ish seconds you should notice the latest work area to slide out and show another concept of my latest work.

    Rollover the Mobile number at the bottom and notice it changes, just simple interaction, a slight ‘Easter Egg’ as they would call it as it’s a hidden feature, until found.

    Anyways, I’d appreciate any response from you folks, looking forward to what you have to say :)


    I like the feel, its very clean and I dig the textured feel as well. Right off the bat, I felt I would ditch the rollover effect of the scribbles on the navbar. The design is very clean and professional and those scribbles are usually best used on a site that has a more lighthearted or humorous feel to it.

    On that note, I think the contact and free estimate rollovers are a bit much and felt unexpected and out of place. I would prefer a more static way of displaying that information. Rollovers rarely seem to work well when using text.

    Great direction though, keep it up.


    Thanks for the reply, I take into account everything you’ve mentioned, and will reflect on them accordingly as I continue to develop my website.

    I’m just trying to get the homepage perfect, before I move onto the other pages. I understand what you mean about the rollovers for the quote and email/mobile buttons, these are things which I’ve thought about all along and (sorry, failed to mention in my previous post) thought these were a too ‘in your face’ when hovered, these are something I’ll be trying to think of a new way to make a new rollover effect, perhaps not a text change, but a colour change for the background perhaps?

    Can I ask peoples opinions on the colour, I am new to working with dark colours, they really haven’t been a choice of mine to use, simply because getting the mix of the colours right with dark black, can be challenging, my other opinion on colour of using was having an electric blue colour, so it carries the same bright feel it has now. Do the yellow/red and dark colours go well in this design?

    I am very happy so far, because, this design has allowed me to explore many types of design, and like you mentioned Luminated in your post about the menu effects, I wanted to try to carry a professional, yet-personal feel, and show off much skills and techniques in design on my page that I am capable of. I like the pencil effect, and the rollovers, simply because each rollover is different, circled AROUND, line THROUGH and scribble UNDERNEATH. You could argue my site is more a site like a marketing company would have, as I am a marketing student aswel, and I have techniques used on marketing websites in my head, now and probably at the time of designing it, and I think this is where that personal-yet-professional idea/theme comes from.

    I’ll take into consideration what you’ve said, and over the next few hours/days look into making changes to the quote and email rollovers, but the menu is going to be something hard to detach from, as I spent too long getting right, and had so many other opinions and input directed towards them, I’ll need to come to some sort of centralised decision.

    Thanks for your time giving me input, and thank you for reading my reply Luminated, and anyone else reading.



    Yeah, I’d tweak the hover states of the nav, ‘cuz it feels really disjointed – a modern design with scribbles doesn’t jive with me that well. Your scrolling content box is too small – the "View case study" buttons are halfway covered up (I’m on XP/FF 3.5 btw). Like the colors, esp. the yellow. Maybe add a pronunciation guide or definition to give the header some more interest. Also, what web agency isn’t creative? I’d spend a little more time on the copy. Nice clean simple design. Cheers!

    "friendofpugs" wrote:
    Also, what web agency isn’t creative?

    Unfortunately, quite a few and they charge a lot more than me! :lol:

    Seriously though, I agree with you.


    Yeah, the text in the design is just there to represent where text is used, and the agency in the footer needs changing to studio, like ‘studio’ is used everywhere else ;)


    Wow that sure is a nice site! The only problem I had was when the page was loading the arrows with the text "Selected" all appeared for a moment above the menu items, maybe have a look into your loading order. Apart from that the site feels smooth, sleek, and most importantly professional!

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