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    Andy Howells

    So I’ve attempted to understand Git, had a look at subversion etc but I’m still stumped on how to really get started for version control and how it all works.

    My customers sites aren’t massive, but I do have a large one coming up and I will be working closely with another coder.

    Does anyone have any articles or tips, 101 basics style for getting into version control and sharing?


    We use Github at the office, it’s pretty handy.

    If you’re on a Mac, there’s an Github for Mac app which allows you to stay out of Terminal.

    Chris Coyier

    Treehouse also has a great video series on github.


    Just curious… I’m going through these videos because I’m curious about without quite taking the plunge, but how does this work if you have 3 different computers you might work from? I have my home office, my laptop and my work office I work out of at an almost equal split.

    Is it feasible to have local deployment identical on all 3 platforms that update with whatever projects I’m working on any time they are online?

    The only huge wrench I see is that my work office sports a windows box and the rest of my life is mac. Just waiting on that Mac Mini refresh :)


    I sort of double up and have it both in Dropbox and a commit history on Github.

    I have it in Dropbox so that I can work on the project from any one of my machines. Then I commit major changes / revisions with Git.


    Ahh ok – so you setup all of your local sites that you are committing right in the dropbox folder and work from there. Very cool I’ll have to jump in soon here :)

    I might try and set it up on Google Drive. I finally switched all my email over to Google apps after tearing my hair out trying to get an Exchange service to work correctly and with that came the space. Maybe it could be a trial run!


    The only problem with that is if you forget to commit something. That’s why I like to keep everything in Dropbox.


    At the office we go with 1 repo per project, but I’m sure people are fine doing it other ways.

    A public repo means anyone can go to it and download the files.


    Well, we have a larger team. I think we’re on Gold. We have one repo that consists of ‘old projects’. These are things that we don’t expect to change at all (or at the very most 1-2 changes per year).

    If you don’t have too many active projects at once, you might be good with going with ‘micro’ and then put older projects into a separate repo.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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