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    Greetings CSS fans,

    For some time now, I’ve been beating my head against Micro$oft’$ wall over a CSS display issue.
    Being the genius that I am, I’ve come to the conclusion that such a method for solving display issues simply is not productive.
    In addition, I think it might have something to do with my horrible headaches.

    Therefore, I am appealing to you for insight.

    My issue is that, when viewed in ie6… a cursor movement on the page causes the content to vanish, only to reappear after page refresh. Then, if you move your cursor again… *Viola*… vanishing content.
    Neat little magical trick, but I’d like my content to stick around.

    I’m creating this site for my Church & really need to finish it for them.

    Any solutions?

    I anxiously await your cure for my headache.



    I played with creating columns that extend the total height of the page even if the column does not contain enough content to allow it to extend full height. The 3000 pixels allow me to accomplish this.

    I hadn’t considered this being the issue, but it does make sense.

    Now, I’m wondering if there is an alternative way of creating faux column height without employing a radical pixel command.

    Any thoughts?




    I got rid of the bold lettering on the mouse over for the remote navigation on the right side, however, it’s still bumping the content off page.

    In addition to this issue, I’ve noticed that ie6 is displaying the center column text in an odd way. The text is displayed fine so long as it does not extend below the navigation links in the left column. As soon as the text in the center column exceeds the text in the left column, it spills from the center into the left column.

    And… my remote nav is acting odd by displaying portions of the remote that should not be displayed.




    "greg.mcausland" wrote:
    I do feel though that the way in which you have laid the page out could have at least been a bit simpler


    I have a wonderful method of web layout… make it impossibly difficult. ;)

    My love/hate relationship with the fluid layout has always been an issue in my designs. I have to admit that this design employs a much more difficult layout than any sites I’ve designed in the past. I’m much better on the graphic side of design than the code side, so… I envision what I want, layout in Photoshop & then worry about the code. Probably not the nest approach.

    I really like the way it looks & feels in FF, and would like to get it to work. However, I’ve been playing with this design for far too long, so I may be forced to simplify.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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