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    Chris Coyier

    The topic of validation always feels beat to death to me. But I recently had someone email:

    I took a CSS class recently and the teacher stressed the importance of the error free validation. One of the things i have noticed tho, is that most websites (incl. big names) don’t validate correctly. Is there a benefit to it?

    And I kind of liked my own short response:

    If your page looks fine in all browsers but doesn’t validate, meh, who cares. If you validate and the errors are little simple mistakes you can fix, sure, do it. If your page looks broken, validation is one of the best ways to start looking for problems.


    well i see many times people complaining about IE not working on things. and most of times it works on compability view of IE. and thing with is making it with standard based coding. i.e if you have doctype included of xhmtl transitional then validate your document against that doctype if it passes validation test then chances are it will work on most browser’s. css problems are there but few basic problems can be solved like unncessery spacing between elements.

    so my two cent is to use standard, as browsers are going to be strict and in future there may be time that if you don’t have validated code then your site may break. right now most browsers fixes the error’s automatically.

    and also if you are thinking about future smart phones or hand held screen’s then it is almost must to validate your code. because they have small footprint’s and they will be very strict against any type of errors. your page may stop after error’s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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