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Using WordPress sourceforge plugin to play mp3’s

  • # October 27, 2009 at 7:05 am

    I’ve been using this as a plugin for a few years – it’s an amazing plugin and really handy for band websites etc.

    BUT I just noticed something that you guys should be aware of. I never right clicked the flash – or if I did – I never spotted it – there’s an option to download the full song. Even in Chris’s embedding audio screencast – this problem exists. After spending 3 hours chasing down the dude who wrote this (WHY OH WHY hasn’t he updated his .swf I have no idea) and he’s posted the .swf with DOWNLOAD DISABLED here >> <<<

    It’s not a big deal to fix this. Just delete the old swf and upload this new .swf to the same location with the same naming conventions

    Thanks folks

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