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    So, I just learned about [Typeplate]( (gorgeous, lovely, and will most likely be a staple in my toolbox…) and once again ran into something that I finally decided I needed to ask people about.

    Now, to start this off, I am not a designer, I don’t have any education in typesetting, layout, etc, so my questions are born from curiosity and wanting to better myself rather than trying to claim anyone’s wrong, so I’m interested in the discussion more than anything else =)

    I understand the reasons behind using a typographic scale (the example from typeplate is [here]( ), but why have headers in such a huge font?

    I don’t think I’ve every used headers larger than gamma (twice the size of the body font), but instead used italics and small caps to differentiate the smaller headers.

    Why have headers as large as 5 times the body font? I’d love any thoughts, pro or con, as well as (if people feel like it) suggestions on how they scale their headers.

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    Here are two pretty in-depth articles on the topic:

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    Yes, I get the typographic scale, but why have headers in the 90px size? It seems weirdly large to me (admittedly, I remember the first time I saw someone using body copy of 16px and going “woah, that’s huge!”, and now I barely bat an eye at body copy at 20px =)

    And thanks for the retinart article, I hadn’t read that one before.

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    You may not end up using a header that large, but it’s the relationship between the sizes that’s important. So if you need that many different levels, then you might use the largest heading.

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    Alright, then I understand it more.

    Would you personally see it as an issue if instead of using a large amount of different font sizes, headings would be closer defined through using small caps or italics? Would that make it harder to pick up on and differentiate between the headers?

    I am fascinated by typography, and enjoy learning more about what makes it look good, so to speak.

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    You certainly don’t have to follow the rules to a tee, and there are many ways to create hierarchy and contrast. I think it is really project dependant, but I definitely recommend that you experiment and see what you come up with :)

    A good test is to blur your eyes, if you can’t see the hierarchy, then it still needs work.

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    That’s a good tip, thank you. I now have a lot of things to mull over, to hopefully turn into a cohesive, coherent and, not to forget, cool design =)

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    Good luck!

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