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    i have a portfolio made of small pictures and when clicked, open to reveal more info.
    I’m using a lightbox. the lightbox opens an html page in a separate window on top.
    i felt it was better to make an html page with info and some pictures in a nice layout, rather than opening a large image. its smaller in size and nicer looking.

    the thing is if you go directly to the page (if someone has disabled javascript and clicks the small images) it opens the html page in a separate tab and it looks a bit strange and there are no navigation links. so i used the no script tag to make it that if this happens links will appear.

    is this good practice or should i not care about people who have, for some reason disabled javascript?


    This is very good practise! You should always care :)


    uggh…. very well.
    but without javascript my website won’t function right…
    there is suppose to be a slideshow of my work and if there is no javascript the slideshow just becomes a list of pictures, each on a separate line because they are blocks.
    can i use no script tag to set display none on those elements?
    its not exactly semantic but i can add a no script tag and make a div that surrounds all the stuff and set it to display none.
    the div won’t exist if there is javascript.


    If your site won’t function without JS then you need to have a think about how you are designing it.


    well the js is for a lightbox to show my work. without it you can click the work and open it in a new tab…
    but there are one or two mess-ups which i guess i need to deal with.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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