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    I was thinking of using a combination of CSS and Javascript to stick my top menu and site logo to the top of the screen when the user scrolls down… I think it’s quite a clever effect (the logo will be split across two divs as it’s about 150px high, only the lower 70px or so will stick) but I’m worried it might put people off.

    Has this come up in debate before? The website is aimed at users with decent browser setups and fairly high res displays although I’m wrapping the content in a 960px element, there won’t be IE6 support or anything like. It incorporates CSS3 functions and validates to HTML5 (which seems to allow putting entire divs into hrefs, which XHTML doesn’t.) I’m a big fan of progression even if it means leaving some people behind ;)

    (I might make IE6 users get a nice ‘basic as all hell’ style sheet that contains next to no formatting, as it’s likely they’re in the workplace anyway and my site is graphically intensive.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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