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    I’m creating a site for a client that has both a blog and a portfolio. I’m having a problem trying to create the portfolio portion of the site. The site is for a small zine press. I’ve already created a html/php (non-WordPress) mockup of the site. And I’ve already installed WordPress 3.0 and have begun to design and edit the theme code.

    So far I’m able to get them to look equal here:

    If you click on the first link titled "Birdsong" (under "The Zines") in the non-WordPress site above, you’ll see what I’m trying to achieve in WordPress. (disregard the Jquery/Ajax animation stuff, I don’t need that for the final site). It takes you to another page with a image-gallery-like menu of "zines," that are also links, which finally take you to the final child page of the portfolio section.

    So my question is how would I go about doing this? Is there a way that I could use an image for a page link in the menu? if so then that would at least allow me to create a custom menu and style that with CSS.



    I’m not sure how to solve your main problem, but your slide affect is skipping. Try adding position:relative to the #container div. That should fix it.


    But now that messes up the nav.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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