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    Hey guys… What is the best way to add a H1 tag to your website if the sites name is displayed with an image?

    Should the H1 be for the website name?

    # March 14, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Your page NAME is found in the [head] section and looks like this


    That’s the one that appears in the browser tab.

    [h1] tags, generally, the first heading (this usually the most important) in a SECTION of the page. You can have multiple [h1]s on a page.

    In the past, it was ‘generally accepted’ that your logo image should be wrapped in an [h1] tag and the text automagically hidden just leaving the image.

    I think, today, that’s not necessarily the best SEO way to get your site name ‘out there’. As long as your logo image has relevant [alt] and [title] tags you are probably good.

    Others may disagree.

    Here’s something from a couple of years back:

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