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Use z-index, AP Divs or?

  • # October 4, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Example found here —>

    Okay, this should be simple enough. I have three thumbnails that I want overlapping atop another larger image. I know that I could easily solve this problem by using AP Divs, but I’d prefer not to due to lack of scalability. So now I am trying to use the z-index attribute, but its not working. Infact, the image with the lower z-index number is the one ON TOP of the one with higher number, which is backwards! How do I reverse this so that the thumbnails are the ones on top?

    sidenote – Yes, you will notice that I am using images instead of browser generated type and backgrounds, the single reason is because I must utilize the typeface “Futura” for this webpage.


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