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    Good morning,

    I am a US citizen attempting to purchase a (.de) domain extension from Stable Host. During the final stages of checkout, I am required to provide both Tax ID and Address. Considering I’m not a German resident and have neither of the required data, what is the best solution for completing the transaction?

    Anyone ever have a similar issue before?

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    If anyone experiences a similar issue…I solved this rather easily.

    Simply enter n/a in the required fields.

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    Some cc domains actually require a local contact – in which case, there are often companies that you can hire to represent you in the country.

    AFAIK, Germany *does require* a local contact – did entering “n/a” actually work, or did it just allow you to submit the form?

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    It appears to have worked. I’ve been able to add the domain to my hosting server. Under my list of active domains, however, the domain in question is (pending).

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