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    so the linked photo opens into a larger version in a new window upon clicking on the img src. i would like to make it so that this larger photo when clicked returns visitor back to gallery page. as it stands, visitor must click on back arrow in top of browser. a bit cumbersome.

    somehow, i am not figuring out how to get html code snippet to display correctly here in my post so am trying to eliminate brackets.

    a href=”gallery/2.JPG”
    img src=”gallery/brownjug.JPG” alt=”brown jug liquore store” //a
    divBrown Jug/div


    A CodePen demo is a great way to illustrate your problem – your HTML/CSS/JS won’t get mangled there.

    Alternatively use the back ticks method as described in the black info block titled “Posting Code”.

    With the way you’re currently doing things (using the native behaviour of an anchor and href attribute to navigate to a new location where your larger image is), there’s no clean and easy way to adopt the behaviour you desire because you’ve navigated away from the main page and are viewing an image in the browser and not a web page. It sounds like you’re looking for a popup/modal overlay script that will open the image enlargement over the current page contents. Start your search using “popup script” and/or “modal overlay script” to find example online of how it’s done. Here’s something to start you off

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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