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    This is my first post here so don’t laugh if it sounds funny to you.

    I’ve created an ebook about making Aircrete and the contents pages needs to change on a regular basis to reflect the Internet. Prices go up and down and products come and go, so it can get confusing for my customers when they try to order a part that isn’t there any more or has changed the way it looks or worst still the price is different to the original.

    I don’t think my customers should have to put up with this hassle and it should be me that keeps abreast of these changes for them.

    I know you can put Javascript on an ebook page, so when I change the original on my server all the other ebooks (that are still on line) that I’ve sold (hopefully) will automatically reflect mine and there pages will stay up to date.

    Can you put one Javascript in the ebook so whatever I do to mine will update the customers copy rather than a page at a time. This would simplify the task.

    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to show me what I’m after.

    Thanks a lot.


    I’m doubtful…it sounds like a huge security hole to update a customers e-book by JS injection.

    Plus you would have to get the book-holder’s permission…(assuming they want an updated version).

    Why not just offer them a free download of the new book version so they can update it if they wish.


    Thanks for the reply.
    I don’t share your security theory as its just an ebook not someones credit card details and having an ebook updated to reflect current trends is like buying a newspaper every day to keep abreast of the times, accept you don’t have to fork out for a paper because I’m providing constant updates on products and trends in the ebooks niche.

    I’d put a note in the book and website stating that the ebook automatically updates if you keep it on a computer with an Internet connection, but put a button in the book where you can turn it off if you wish.

    But I’m sure 99% of my customers will leave it on just to be kept in the loop.

    Offering my customers a free download was an option I had considered before I started looking to automatically update the ebook with syndication, because you’d have to alert them that you updated the ebook so they would know to look in it to see what was new.

    If I don’t get this syndication javascript thing sorted out I’ll be looking at the free download. This might be a way to enlarge my mailing list at the same time.

    It gets better by the minute.

    Thanks Paulie.



    I don’t share your security theory as its just an ebook not someones credit card

    You’re missing the point….it’s about injecting code into someones device perhaps without them being aware of it.

    That code could infect the next PC, remote device, wifi connected whatever when next connected….that’s a security hole.

    The default (if you really MUST try something like this) is that it NOT update automatically. It should be something the user turns ON not something they turn OFF.


    I really do appreciate your replies here Paulie and I can see your point now about the security angle, So I’ll settle with the email idea, which, the more I think about it the better I like it.

    I’ll add that to the ebook as an “editor’s note”.

    Thanks again for your help.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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