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    Hello guys,

    This is going to take me a little while to explain and i hope that it makes sense to you all!

    I am in the process of planning a WordPress Powered online ‘Magazine’. I say Magazine like that because I want almost every part to relate to a physical magazine. The site will start with a single Cover, then upon clicking the ‘Next Page’ button, you will enter the Magazine and see two pages next to each other, with the opportunity to go forward or backwards.

    Each page (of the magazine) is a single post. (content is irrelevant as that part is pretty easy!) That means each page online is 2 posts – everyone keeping up?

    Here is where it gets complicated – As a photography based site, some of the pictures/physical pages (1 post) will be a Double Spread, so the online page will only show one post.

    So my problems start with displaying which posts I want to display. Sometimes 2 will some on the page and sometimes only one, but in a different format. They will all need to have a ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ button to see the next or previous pages in sequence.

    I am not sure how to combat this and open to any suggestions!



    not really very helpful to search on ThemeForest and then post a link? Do you not think i did that?

    If you could post a link to a specific theme, it might be more helpful…


    contrary to popular beliefs, The people here cannot read your mind. I do not know what you did or did not do. The link I posted shows several magazine templates. They are only magazine templates. If you want me to do the job for you, it will cost you some money. You can send it to me through paypal


    Well, you’ll need to write a custom theme from the sounds of things. Chris has a video about “the loop” which you’ll probably find helpful (, and he talks about how you can call different pages dependent on a query.

    If you added an extra tag to each post (i.e. spread=double or spread=single), I’m sure when you then output your page, you could just use a very simple php if statement (this won’t work but to get you in the mindset):

    “if($spread==double){ …”

    then do a page layout for a double page spread


    do a single page spread.

    I’m a bit new to wordpress themes myself, I’m quite comfortable with php though. This isn’t “the” answer, but I hope it helps and we all learn a little along the way!



    SheepySheep – that is very helpful and it is clear that you actually read my question and thought about it, rather that posting a list of search results that are completely irrelevant to my requirements.

    This forum needs people like you.

    In response – thinking about it more and more – i think the solution will basically evolve around Custom Fields! There will likely be 4 main fields.

    -Next Page (URL or Page name or next button Link)
    -Prev Page (same as above, only the other way!)
    -Spread Type (Single Double)
    -2nd Page Article

    The ‘2nd Page Article’ is probably the most ‘Backward’ of the solutions. It will basically state the id of the article to be featured on the 2nd page of 2 single pages.

    This will work, but i dont think it is ideal!


    By the time you get into using that many custom fields, why bother using a CMS at all?


    Good question – although i dont think 4 custom fields is a lot?

    The reason being that everything else will fall into place behind there custom fields using a lot of WP power. I want to be able to hand this directly over to the author with a tutorial on how to make a post and leave it with him.

    I have just realised i can use the Tag based Single page as suggested by Sheep with this code in the single file:

    $post = $wp_query->post;
    if ( has_tag(array(‘single’,’Single’)) ) {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/single-single.php’); }
    else {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/single-double.php’);

    That gets rid of a whole custom field already.


    Here is a different – more specific question:

    How would i make a ‘single’ page list 2 posts?


    4 custom fields isn’t necessarily a lot, but if I have a personal rule that if it ever gets more than 1 or 2, there should be a more efficient way to doing it. My other rule is that a client shouldn’t have to put any type of code into a custom field.

    Having a single page list two posts is pretty easy by going ‘posts_per_page=2’ on a query.


    Look infocentre, I posted the link to themeforest for you because I didn’t have any idea if you knew about the site or not. They have what looks like over a few hundred magazine themes. I was sure one of those would have worked for what you need. if you don’t get the answer you are looking for right away, don’t come back with an attitude. Just come back and say, “I have been there and couldn’t find anything that fits my needs.” That would have been a much better response than the smart ass comment you left.

    You will not be able to do this project without your own research. It is obvious that you don’t know anything about wordpress. WordPress would be the cms you would want to use just do to the fact that it is highly supported.

    to do this project, you will need to spend a great deal of your time in the wordpress codex You will need to familiarize yourself with the template tags. All the questions you are asking here, the answer can be found there. Then, when you have trouble getting the custom query’s to work, come on back and let the people here help you figure it out.


    Cybershot – i am really not interested in what you have to say – dont make assumptions about me and what i know – so far, you have done nothing to help, so i would appreciate it if you just stayed out of this conversation as i am sure there is another topic you can be pestering.

    Doc, is it possible that i am looking at this from the wrong angle? The way i initially looked was for each web page to be made up of 1 or 2 posts as a single. Should i be looking at it as each page should be a ‘page’ showing 1 or 2 posts?

    As for the client bits – this is quite far below a professional project as it is something i am involved in with a friend, so there is no monetary value to it. I try to treat all my projects with a certain level of professionalism, however, so i have noted those comments.



    Okay, so each ‘page’ on the website is showing two ‘pages’ of a magazine.

    So that means on single.php you need to make sure you’re displaying two full posts, side by side. Displaying two at once is easy with a query, and you can just use floats to get them to display side-by-side.

    The Next/Previous will need to be custom, as you’ve figured out already.

    Not sure what else you need, really.


    Yeah, that’s right. I think i am starting to get my head around this a little more now, so i will have a crack tomorrow and let you know how i get on.

    Thanks for your help!


    good luck with your project

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