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    In wordpress I am using the featured image to have a thumbnail by each post and a larger one by a featured post.
    I have two sizes set up: for featured thumbs – ‘medium’ at 300×200
    and for regular posts I use ‘thumb’ 150×150

    for featured posts I upload the medium size and then I automatically get a cropped version for thumb size.

    when i upload an image i have the choice of cropping it for thumbnail use.
    I crop it at 150×150 with my choice of where to crop, choose only for thumbnail, and it doesn’t get saved.

    i think its because a 150×150 has already been created because my loop calls for post_thumbnail(‘thumbnail’);

    the only way to get it to save my version is to make a crop at 151×151 and then it makes a 3rd file.

    why can’t it just save over the old thumbnail version?


    so… can I bump?

    what I want basically is if I upload a picture for my featured posts at 300×200 I should be able to decide how it crops it for the 150×150 thumbs for the regular posts. not it doing it automatically and terribly


    There are some plugins that help with this, I believe.


    I can’t find any.

    here is my blog the top is a featured post. under that are regular posts using the thumbnail setting in media > settings which is set to 150px and hard crop checked and they do not look it?


    i discovered a problem i think.
    I had two thumbnail sizes. thumbnail and medium.
    I was uploading images at a perfect medium size so it wasn’t auto creating the medium size and I thinks somehow this affected the thumb size which was created uncropped.

    i got rid of the medium size and now it created a good cropped thumbnail.

    what sucks is that I can’t really overwrite that thumbnail, I can only create another one.
    if I do that I end up having 3 files in my uploads folder and of course int he library you only see one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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