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    Hi all,

    does anyone know of any programs that I can use to uncompress html code. A client of mine has parted ways with his web designer and so I’ve taken over designing his site, but the code is a mess its all tables based and its all compressed (all put on one line). So I am trying to find a way to format it with the tags on their own lines.

    I guess if i can’t find anything that will do the job it may just be quicker to recode the site.


    While maybe not the best method, doing a find and replace on ‘>’ and replacing it with a ‘>’ followed by a new line would be a good start!


    Hmm, I know Chris or maybe someone here on the forums once posted a link about optimizing your webpage, which also included a form where you could upload your webpage and it would delete all unnecessary whitespace. Perhaps there’s also an application or webform that will bring the whitespace and returns back in place, don’t know of any though..


    Thanks all, I guess i’ll just rewrite the code. It’s probably for the best since its all tables based so i’ll beable to turn it into divs :)

    just another quick question, is there much benefit to optimising your html by removing the whitespace from it, especially now with the high-speed internet being so common?


    Before I stopped using the bloat that is Dreamweaver, it was actually pretty handy for doing this. Paste in all the code then just hit ‘apply formatting’.
    Optimizing never hurts unless you really need other people to be able to read it live or something.


    OMG DogsGhost you are a genius… I never even knew Dreamweaver had something like this, it worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch :DD


    Yep that will do it.. worked a treat

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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