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    I have been editing my website with CSS to get it looking right but I have just hit a problem with trying to target one CSS code to change a value.

    I am a beginner at this and just edit code from trial and error and works most of the time.

    If you go to this page Website Link and select a product and add it to the checkout in order to get the issue I am having to appear.

    Once you have added the item proceed to the checkout and you will be displayed with the ordered product and prices and expenses.

    Now the expenses part on the right is a section called “Shipping” and the value is “£0.00” and this is the value that I wish to change.

    I added this CSS to that class but I dont think I have got it right,

    .sellMediaCart_shipping >£3.00<

    I want the change the value to “£3.00” but can not seem to make it happen.

    Please help :)


    I have been trying to find this part in the HTML but cannot find it. This that I am trying to edit is a WordPress Plugin and not sure where to find this part of the code.

    Do you know where about in my site this part relates to as I cannot find it?


    Moving to CMS area although I’m wondering if it might not be a JS issue.


    Thank you for the advice on it may be JS which it was, used dreamweaver to find the term shipping and found the right value that changes the shipping cost.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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