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    Hi peeps!

    I have my current personal website up now and setup a subdomain to test my new design. My current on is on wordpress and my new one will be also. Can you have 2 wordpress installs on one domain? My new site will actually have a blog and I have never set one up yet so I want to have it on a subdomain to make sure everything will work before transferring the files to the root.

    What’s the best way to test your site on your domain without removing your old one until it’s done? There both on wordpress once again.

    Advice and help would be sweet!:)


    What problems are you having? Just unzip the wordpress install into the subdomain directory and when you go through the install process just make sure you give it a different database name. I do this all the time.
    so.. is WordPress. the files are in public_html/test
    If I want to make that the live site for I just move the files over to public_html/
    The links for all the the files should be relative and the database is on the same server.. it should work without a hitch.


    Except if you already have WP installed in the root, you’d overwrite all of your files.

    If you’re only using the second install to test the design, why don’t you just move the theme you’ve created over instead of the entire folder structure? You can even point to the new database that you’ve created.


    I have wordpress installed in the root. The subdomain is to test the design and the blog because I haven’t made one or set one up yet so it may take some time.

    When I moved the files over to the subdomain and went to install it, it already said it’s already installed but I made a new database name and info and I don’t think it worked.


    It’s all good, I got it too work. :) Thanks guy!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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