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    Guys and gals, I appreciate the help. This is hard for me to wrap my mind around.

    I have the wordpress theme and code to I want to take that wordpress theme and tweak to look exactly like my website:, expect for keep the portfolio layout and functions … I want to use that wordpress theme to easily update and manage my portfolio.

    Any initial feedback is greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you. I hope this makes sense.

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    Is it possible? Hell yeah it’s possible. You can change literally anything about any theme any time you want.

    My opinion: It would be WAAAY easier to build your own them than to chop and screw someone else’s.

    I speak from experience because I started out just modifying every theme to death and then it dawned on me: It would be easier to build everything to spec instead of going in and changing someone else’s code. And you know what? It is.

    Here is a great resource:

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    Yes, but I want all the functionality that is within the theme. I love the portfolio section. I just need to adjust the header area and the background. And it’s only one page I’m doing, just my portfolio page. I don’t want to redo my entire site.

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    That will take literally 5 minutes. You can either hard-code it in style.css or you can do it from the WordPress dashboard.

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    There are certain cautions you need to take when modifying a Theme directly, one of them is it makes the theme so you cannot update it.

    Generally it is better to make a [Child Theme]( “Child THeme”) or if it is just CSS changes you could use (if you have it) Jetpack for WordPress installed, the plugin comes with a custom CSS section.

    There is more to this, but use a child theme for modifications to existing themes.

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    Yes, I second that. Sorry, I forgot to mention child themes. That’s been standard for awhile now.

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    Excellent, thank you. I’m researching child themes and Jet Pack.

    In your opinion, when I’m setting up the theme on my domain, should I create a subdomain – and then install the wordpress into that subdomain? Because, I really only want the them on my portfolio section.

    Thank you all.

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    I wouldn’t, but that is only based on if you asked me to guess your portfolio url, I would guess

    I also don’t like WP’s default files in the main folder, in this case /portfolio/, so I would actually install them into /portfolio/cms/ and then move a few files by doing to push WordPress to the /portfolio/ by default without actually having the files lumped in there, totally personal preference. This becomes more of an issue in the root of a domain, not a folder like /portfolio/ but I would still do it. ;P

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    Scott, thank you for your time. If I was okay with changing my portfolio URL from to, would you still feel the same about the approach?

    Thank you sir.

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