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    I’ve made a decision to sign-up for long-term plan with one of the renowned online learning centers.

    I’m currently struggling with the decision:

    **Tuts+ Premium or Team Treehouse?**

    Tuts+ Premium is from Envato, one of the big players, I think – owners of Themeforest, Codecanyon, etc…
    They also have an option of yearly subscription, the fee per month is lower in that case – $15, which equals $180 per year in total.

    On the other hand, Team Treehouse is supported by Chris, I guess it’s not for no reason at all.
    But it looks much less abundant than Tuts+, doesn’t have access to free e-books for example.
    It’s also a lot more expensive… $25 per month, with no option of long-term discount…

    So, given that some of you are probably much more experienced in this area, what would you prefer?
    Is there a certain reason why Chris promotes Treehouse and why would I choose it over Tuts+? Or it’s just a matter of preference? Is it worth to pay $10 more a month or should I just stick to Tuts+ and free Rockable Press e-books?

    Looking forward to your responses!



    I’m currently using both, why?

    The simple reason is because Team Treehouse has tutorials that don’t exist on Tuts+ yet such as iOS development, responsive design and some other topics for my personal preference, sure the price may be high if you add them together but it turns out to be really cheap on a yearly basis as you can keep learning without the thought of when your subscription expires.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Thank you very much!

    And what about the quality level of each? Are both well-documented and polished or one is clearly better than the other?


    I think some of the videos take forever and they try to be funny which is kind of awkward. I’d rather watch videos that get straight to the point like you see here.


    Personally I much prefer Tuts+. TeamTreehouse are great teachers and they have a lot of different topics but the explanations are quite drawn out and a bit oversimplified at times. It is great that they explain thoroughly, but so does nettuts and to a more advanced level.
    Nettuts are always straight to the point and while it can be hard to keep up with some complicated subjects it is way worth your time, even if you have to rewatch a video.

    One thing that annoyed me with treehouse was the ruby on rails introduction videos. They teach you how to set up a website like twitter but they dont go into detail how you would actually build it from scratch, without using plugins. I am not saying that using plugins are a bad thing, but it kind of defeats the purpose of learning how the language works and how to code your next site.

    Saying that – I am not slagging off treehouse at all, I think they are brilliant, i just much prefer the learning style of nettuts.


    I think that Treehouse is better, because as well as having videos, they also have code challenges and code quizzes so that you can make sure that you really know it before moving on.


    >Is there a certain reason why Chris promotes Treehouse

    Yes: They are the main sponsors of CSS-Tricks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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