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    Howdy peoples of CSS-TRICKS.. I am not new to coding but i am very new to plugin authoring (yeah i know im way behind the curve). But im dabbling with a few lines of code and seeing about turning it into a plugin. Ive read the documentation from the jQuery source, but im having trouble with settings and using the settings as parameters.

    Here is the code i am wanting to convert:

    function r_num() {
    return (Math.floor(Math.random() * 256));

    !function seizure() {
    $('body').css('background', 'rgba('+r_num()+','+r_num()+','+r_num()+',1)');
    setTimeout(seizure, 50);

    The jsFiddle has my code that i am using in attempts to convert to a plugin (fail). If y’all have some suggestions or hints, i would be very grateful. I can read tutorials all day but until i actually sit down and do this stuff, i wont understand it. And i think this is a great little starting point for me.

    jsFiddle code

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    This is an amazing resource:

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    Function Declarations – creating anonymous functions and assigning them to a variable

    YES! Thanks man for that resource. See, ya learn something new every day. You just made my life super easier, thanks again bruh!

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    If you’re talking about creating a plugin to release to people, make sure you read further down:

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    @thedoc: +1

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