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    Hi All:

    I have in the past done a fair amount of CSS. Mainly complicated layouts and coloring / styling / spacing. All of this was done with floats, absolute and relative positioning, etc. Later when Bootstrap became popular I moved on to that and SASS. It took care of my needs at the time (create minimal but modern / good looking UI so I can focus on the backend code).

    For the last few years I’ve been totally on the backend. Databases, middleware, Node / Javascript. JS has matured a lot. We can write whatever code we want, no matter how implemented the spec is (ES6), because we use Babel to compile it to a spec the browsers understand (ES5). There are frameworks like React that make a ton of difference in your code. D3 for styling data. Webpack for building, etc.

    So my question is, for modern CSS developers focused on creating great layouts / UIs / forms / navigation / tables (so nothing crazy as far as games and animation), is it still Bootstrap and Relative Positioning and occasional CSS3 here and there? Nothing wrong with that, but just want to make sure I’m not missing out.

    I remember it seemed like Flex Box never really took off (although maybe it will eventually, it’s used in React Native for iOS). Has anything really ground breaking or widely implemented occurred as far as positioning and layout? Google Material Design and CSS Modules seem cool as well, although not sure how popular they are. BTW sorry if I’m mistaken on any of my assumptions about the state of CSS, please correct me if that is the case.


    Currently more browsers are supporting flexbox and the next boostrap realease (4.0) will be based on flexbox, so no more floating elements.

    But this is where bootstrap framework is going to and as you know Bootstrap is not just CSS.

    CSS today is not anymore just about media queries, positioning and floating grid. Cutting edge layouts require mastering of properties like transition and transform. From my point of view you also need to know how to use as less elements as possibile and sometimes bootstrap is not the right “teacher”, because as I said is a framework not a styling methodology .

    But anyway today’s CSS is always the CSS it was 2 years ago, with just new properties, new pseudo-elements and faster browsers so you are always required to write less code, taking care of elements above the fold and understanding cross-browser solutions.

    To understand what I mean, I invite you to open the homepage of codepen and check some of the “pure css” pens. Like this one:

    …but this is just my point of view :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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