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    OOO – this is my first post here, I have done this page here

    The css is on the actual page but the UL breaks apart when on mobile – can anyone help please?




    What UL? And what does “breaks apart” mean?

    Rather than asking folks to delve into a whole page of source code, CSS and the likes, make it easier for us to help you by recreating the problem in a minimal CodePen demo. That way, there are less distractions imposed upon us and we won’t have to go hunting for a problem that isn’t immediately obvious to us… and you’re more likely to receive help, fast.


    YEEEAAAAAHHHHH, Beverly for President :D. I am kidding. The problem is that you made media querie (MIN-WIDTH: 500) inside that querie you have rule that says: .text {
    max-width: 70%;} that’s why your text stays where it stays… And yes, it’s little bit funny that you have both kind of queries (min-width, and max-width). You can’t, I mean you can, but you see what happens then. Hope this helped you.


    OOH NO! I am “one of those” – apologies LOL

    I was in a rush and frustrated :)

    Ah I see thank you Korovjov123

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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