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    Ok, so I’m in the process of building my portfolio web site and also business cards, but I’m having trouble coming up with a personal business name / logo for it. Besides it being my portfolio, I will also be offering freelance design services. I’m basically trying to figure out if I should simply have my name as the business name (my name is Seth Gooch by the way) or add like: Seth Gooch Designs, or add the word creations, studio, or online studio, etc. Or should I come up with a different name completely? I can’t seem to come up with something that flows. My title is Graphic & Web designer. I’m primarily going to be doing web stuff though. Any kind of suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, depending on the name I use. I may create a logo or just use a nice font because designing logos is my weakness. Any suggestions with creating a logo using my initials? Or, What are some really nice fonts that I could use for a simple typeface based logo?

    Thank you for your time guys!


    It really depends on several things, personal preference being the biggest, but you will also want a logo that will match the color scheme and typography of your site, I do a lot of logo designs, you can hire a freelance designer, or you can go post on a site like and hold a logo design contest and have 50 designers compete for you, of course it could cost a little more for that one, but you’ll have several perspectives and lots of choices. Your logo should say something about who you are though and should stand out.


    most of the people that i know have use their own name… in my opinion Gooch designs sounds good the same as SG designs and the name Seth designs or Seth Gooch designs there good … a portfolio is more of the things you have made aka your work , your creations… because you are a Graphic and Web designer “Design” matches you…


    Thanks guys! Your feedback helped a lil bit…still looking for more suggestions though. Anyone else care to chime in?


    Since ‘Gooch’ is very unique, I’d roll with that.

    Gooch Studio of Design
    Gooch Design Studio
    Goochie Designs


    I’d have to personally disuade from using your own name as a company name. There are just too many out there, you get lost in the mix. It also, in my opinion, displays a lack of creativity, which is not ideal considering that you’d be getting hired to be creative for someone else. How creative is it to just tack on your name or initials to the word ‘Design’ or ‘Studios’?

    I’d give it some more thought, personally.


    DeGooch Design

    Logo could be two D’s back to back


    Is this for a U.S site?


    Coochie Gooch


    lol… coochie gooch sounds pornographic… not good at all…


    hah yea, i think he was just being a smartass. But thanks to all who chimed in.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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