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    I’m having a tough time figuring out where the sidebar <ul> and <li> css is. What I want to do is put graphics on my main page <li>’s but I don’t want those graphics to appear on the sidebar headers and other information.

    I tried adding a class of .sidebar to remove the images and applying those to the <ul> of the sidebar.php file, but that didn’t have any effect. Does anyone know where that can be modified?

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    is this a custom theme? or default? Is the sidebar generated dynamically using widgets? the li’s could be anywhere. Do you not have a sidebar.php file? I am assuming this is a wrodress site. Maybe you can post a link to the site? In any case, more information is needed

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    It is a custom theme, but it’s using the sidebar.php, and the widgets of Recent Posts and Meta are the only ones I have active. And yea it’s a WP site.

    I think I found my solution however. In the functions.php, I just removed the arrays that were defining the "before" and "after" the header with <li> tags.

    I’m still stumped as to where the Recent Posts widget is being called in. I don’t see any code in the sidebar.php that has that header, or is even calling in that information.

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