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    I have been trying to set up a simple shopping cart with Magento. It’s a first for me and I am just now getting HTML/CSS down so I’m a relative beginner. My question is basic. I am filling out all the sections, products, categories, images etc, enabling everything and I can’t get on single word or image on the page. All I see is a blank template with no categories or anything. Am I supposed to be writing the code? I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. The pdf I purchased tells you how to fill out the boxes, but not how to get anything onto the screen.

    any help is appreciated.



    I haven’t actually worked with Magento, but I’d assume since you paid for it they offer some sort of support; at least a forum? From what I’ve seen most :geek: here normally work with WordPress.


    I have experience with Magento but not sure what are you talking about, do you have a link to the site?


    Hi, thanks for responding. First here is a link to the site, or what there is of it.
    Sorry if my question isn’t clear. Here is what I mean. The little experience I have with shopping carts is the godaddy quick shopping cart. You have an interface where you add categories and products, various choices like color, size etc. These entries populate a page in which the products appear along with a sidebar of categories that you created. It’s fill in the blank. You don’t have to lay out a page as when you are starting from scratch, ie div tags, CSS, etc. I have entered products and categories in Magento including images and I see nothing on the page. It’s as if there is no HTML page structure. What am I missing?



    you can try reparing the db, I normally dont load the db provided by magento and I just create one and do it all fresh from start. to add colors and size to products is a lil pain in the butt.. here is a video of how to. … t-options/

    I hope it helps.


    Thanks. I can see in the video how it is supposed to work. That is what I expected. I can add photos and products and categories all day long and I won’t see anything on the pages. My db is created in godaddy. I don’t know how to do it otherwise. When you say repairing it I don’t really know what that means. I may need more background knowledge to use this.
    Any tips on the best way to learn about mySQL? Right now it’s just a name to me, and something they say I need. No clue what it is or what is does. Same with php.


    do you have cpanel? I think at this point is best to just do a clean install and dont load the db sample data.


    Make sure that all the categories you’re creating are sub-categories of the main category for your store.


    I have been using Magento since it is released at 2008 and i did not faced such problem with it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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