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    I’m attempting to match my blog page navigation column with the same stylings of my main page. However, I cannot understand for the life of me as to why the blog nav text is a wee bit larger. Any ideas as to how I could fix this? A pair of fresh eyes is much needed on my part.

    The page I like: , the page that’s screwed up –

    Here’s an example on my computer from Chrome for OSX v25 of what I’m talking about (only using WhatFont for visuals) INDEX: BLOG:

    Checking it on my iPad, the is actually smaller – so there’s definitely some discrepancies between the two which I simply am pulling my hair out about!


    Set `.main p` to 20px, not 18px.

    Edit: Wait do you mean the vertical text on the upper-left (who, what)? It’s the same size.


    @chrisburton – yeah, I mean the vertical text on the upper-left. Any ideas why it would be displaying differently for me in Chrome? It’s almost appearing to have a different weight or something. Specifically the UL/LI

    Confirmed in Safari as well.


    @radiantstatic Set the font-weight to normal?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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