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    I am traditionally a print designer, but decided to help a client with a website so this is clearly a learning experience. I think I understand CSS well enough to make it do certain things, and I followed several instructions here and elsewhere to achieve what we want.

    However, I cannot get my drop shadow (left and right side) to display all the way down the page. According to the code, it’s wrapped around the entire #container div, but it only displays (repeat-y – 811px X 10px) as far as the header div, which clearly is inside the container but maybe I didn’t do that properly. I’ve previewed in Safari, Firefox and Chrome and it fails to display correctly in all instances.

    Any help for a CSS n00b?


    Non of your images were attached, but I’d give it a shot.

    Try removing the ‘float‘ in your #mainContent and #footer.

    Tip: There are a lot of unnecessary CSS elements used in your style sheet which can be removed


    WOW! You’re amazing! it worked thanks very much!

    And yes I know I likely included too many CSS elements: I was experimenting / troubleshooting the problem and went in the wrong direction obviously.

    Thanks again! I’ll post the live site soon so you can see what I was working on.


    I’ll be glad to see it. Anytime (^_^ )


    I can’t get the menu rollover to work (I tried using to accomplish that. )


    so now it seems I was able to get the rollovers to work properly (using an tutorial). But now the fourth menu item doesn’t show up (unless viewed using Safari). Any help out there?


    OK – this is totally weird, but I think I figured it out: the menu item (Services) uses a sprite document that had been uploaded to the FTP at a curiously huge file size. I replaced that sprite and it seems to work fine now. (so all I have to figure out is getting the contact page fixed up and we’re all good :P )


    The contact form looks a lot better.

    I was going to say something yesterday about this, but I wanted to see what your plans were.

    Just a helping hand, to help you avoid future problems with your CSS, you can add/remove the following CSS in your style sheet.


    html { background-position:center top; }
    body { margin:0; }
    #menu ul { margin:0; overflow:hidden; padding:0 39px; }


    #menu { position:absolute; top:-16px; }
    #menu-left { float:left; width:768px; }
    #headerA { float:left; width:768px; }
    #headerB { float:left; width:768px; }
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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