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    I am a first time poster, but long time visitor of this site. I consider myself to be an intermediate level developer. I am fairly experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP and Python – though my Javascript skills fall in somewhere around “find it, copy it, tweak it, cross fingers”

    I have been professionally building sites with PHP for around 3 years as a full time back-end developer for a small company. I have been doing a lot of freelancing lately, and have hit what seems to be a typical “what now?”. I looked ot Ruby and Python, eventually settling on Python (and Django) and am pretty happy. The transition hasn’t been too tough, but there are so many languages and frameworks and I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with an urge to want to learn everything (I assume that moving on before truly understanding Python would be a bad idea).

    **Here’s my question:**
    I can’t go anywhere on the web now without seeing ads for Treehouse. Does anyone have any feedback on it? I haven’t looked into it too much, because I assumed (at first) that it was for beginners. Is this something I might be able to benefit from though? Or should I stick to forums and articles to continue expanding my skillset?


    Try TreeHouse is basically for beginners.


    There are some more advanced topics but for the most part it’s more about building a foundation. You mention a lack of JS knowledge, might be good to just get a month and run through those courses.


    I had a treehouse subscription for about 2 months. I learned a bit but it was mostly things i already knew. So i skipped the HTML and CSS courses and moved on to jquery, where i learned the basics. Although i canceled my subscription because the instructors acted really awkward. this might only be a problem with me but i felt like they had unnecessary joy. The background was also kind of distracting even though it looked nice, but it was too much. It would be allot better if they just acted naturally as if they were speaking with an actual class in front of them.

    I would go with a [CodeSchool]( “”) subscription. Its just one instructor who acts normal, and i think their editor is allot better too. If none of the things i mentioned is a problem for you, then go with Treehouse.


    Derp, sorry, my experience was actually with Code School.


    Haha. I also think the Treehouse videos are a bit odd. They seem to target children rather than adults.


    You guys are awesome. I started looking into tutsplus last night – will for sure be digging into codeschool as well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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