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    animates.css doesn’t work

    I think I didn’t really get what you were aiming at. Which animation exactly, not the fades?


    Before you did as you said: “It was a simple fix…”
    animates.css which i’ve add to last call & message buttons
    was started everytime you click link five in the navbar which was cool
    But after some js changes it’s not working. i don’t understand why..(


    At first i was talking about fades when i’ve added animate.css and figured that there is no need to keep animations in js
    as you can kick animations as is by focus on a specific section of the page
    Everytime i hit navbar link animations were happing after landing on an element of the page.
    That’s why i’m that confused.
    After some js changes none of that still working…

    p.S. but don’t even worry about it .. there is no place to stop =)
    i can’t bugging yoy everytime s*** happens .. tired of that
    plus i think i’m better end up my carrier at this point.
    Can’t do that no more.
    It’s just taking too much time to recreate imaginary things in the code.


    I’m sure they would all be small adjustments but to be honest I have no idea what you’re aiming at exactly. You’re not being very specific, what animation are you referring to? You’re just mentioning “link animations”, don’t know what that is supposed to mean…


    Sorry that i wasn’t clear on that ..))
    i’ve added link to animates.css to head
    and drop an animation (shake) to last two icons
    just as an example

    it was firing up on focus but now it isn’t (i still don’t get it how but that was very handy with animate.css
    exactly what i was aiming with animations in this particular situation .. click a navbar link = animation happens on focus)
    plus i tried to recreate that with my own animation but they just started after page is load and that’s it.


    Dunno, didn’t see that… but here it is (I think):


    yep .. you’ve added animation in js but before i did it by just adding .class(animations) in css
    just like that library works .. thank you anyway.,)


    By the way that scroll plugin Mottie was talking about .. you’ve created this already=)
    Why dontcha create a repo or gist to make it public etc?


    Hehe, I did Funkaholik …


    Why not use this? 100% HTML & CSS.
    Only thing is, it relies on div’s all being 100% height of page. That’s how it calculates the transformations.


    I was thinking about how to add different animations from animate. css to different elements inside targeted sections .. say for example those last two icons in the end .. how to set different animations for each icon?

    Plus animations right now trigered only on click when you just scroll to it
    it seems like have no effect (only opacity)

    Is it possible to trigger all animations by scroll too?
    here’s a sample

    P.S. You know like modern pages have that scroll effect when you scroll down elements appears with different animation.


    If only you’d posted this question a month ago… I did exactly that here

    Scroll to the bottom for the articles that cover the JavaScript, and view the source to examine in more detail, but basically, the elementFromTop() function watches for when a section (a candy cane bar) hits the top of the viewport. When that happens, it adds 2 classes to the element being animated; an animated class, and an animation-name class, which are taken from the animate.css library (a good portion of them anyway – some animations are custom, or from magic.css, but I continued using the same logic for convenience).


    Lol, festive page there. :-)

    Wasn’t too much work to adapt:

    If you want, I could optimise it a bit. It could use some throttling but that’ll require some extra code.


    Thanx, Beverleyh but i’ll stick with Shik’s pen.,)
    Cool .. pseudo classes selectable as well.
    What you mean by throttling?


    Scroll events can fire a lot, much more than necessary. Throttling means limiting the events that are executed by the script to only a certain amount per second.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 61 total)
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