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    I am making a website on table and showing tooltip to describe some images. I want to show tootip in a cell or div to fix it on a place like to prevent to overlapping other images.

    Here is my codes

    I am a junior coder and don’t know it is possible or not but googling before 5-6 hours.

    Please help me


    Yes it’s possible and it doesn’t need javascript or tables to achieve. I can explain what is going on and offer an alternative CSS only solution, but I won’t ramble on here about that unless you ask me to.

    Here’s a quick demo using your code. I don’t know where you want the “tooltip” to appear so I’ve guessed.


    Thank you Soren for your response.

    But I want to show both image’s title in one and same palace, in one cell or in a div not on the image. I have 24 images like this and the width of images is not enough to show details so I want a palace to show all titles of image in one area. Hope you understand.

    I will be very happy and very thankful to you if you make this code as my requirement.


    Plus… Tables bad!


    uh huh, onlynoman, you don’t need a table for this.

    What I think you’re asking for all depends on your layout. If you have 24 images and 24 titles on display, where are they going to be in relation to each other on the screen? One parent element to house the images and another for a list of titles? I’m just trying to visualise it.


    After lots of searching I come to know one more solution for my problem but still I have stuck. I have lots of image and want to show description on hover for this I worked like this

    Now in first cell I want to show specific div according to image but failing…

    Please solve it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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