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    I am using Reactor Theme which is built on Foundation 4. I like them both.

    I enabled a TopBar in my theme and found that the site name in the left part kept tumbling out of the container into the header. To try and identify the problem I compared with the theme demo and the only thing different is it uses an h1 where on my site it has a p element.

    This is my(development) site:
    This is the Reactor demo:

    My fix was to add this:

    .top-bar .name p a {
    display: inline;

    Another option would be:

    .top-bar .name p a {
    width: auto;

    I would be happy with either of those alternatives but here is my question which admittedly is based on a healthy measure of ignorance, and is not mission critical:

    Why do I need to override display: block; (or width: 50%;) on that anchor? Why is my child theme behaving differently to the demo site?



    The reactor site uses width:auto (as Ed pointed out above) but only uses this for the wider screen versions.

    When the window is closed a media query clicks in and removes the main navigation from view and sets a menu icon on the right and then the logo on the left set to width:50% so each occupy half the width of the smaller screen.


    Thanks for looking.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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