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    I want to apologize for snapping at you the other day on this board. Not making excuses for my actions, but I am physically unwell and in pain most of the time. Some days it’s bearable and others it’s not, or just wears me down. This past week has been one where I’m worn down and irritable. I’ve been barking at everyone around me and have been apologizing. Those close to me understand what I am going through and literally shrug it off, or tell me to get stuffed if I’m out of line regardless.

    You certainly deserved better than you got from me as I know you were trying to help. In my worn state I felt like someone who had had a long day and took the night out to a fine restaurant to relax. In those times it’s easier to ask the waiter what the specialty is that evening instead of trying to figure out what to eat and fumbling through a menu. Imagine that the waiter makes a suggestion, then never returns to your table. Well, that’s how I felt, and I shouldn’t have.

    Again, I’m sorry that I barked at you. You deserved better and I regret my actions.

    Best Regards.


    No worries mate.

    I automatically assume everyone is having a bad day.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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