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    I think I’ve figured it out!

    The reason the checkboxes are being reset is the way the innerHTML() is adding content. Instead of just appending the new content, you’re grabbing the existing content, then overwriting it with a copy, plus the new content. Basically.

    This means the HTMl is preserved perfectly, but NOT the state of the elements, for instanced, the checked property.

    Instead, you should be using .insertAdjacentHTML(). Like this: CodePen Example, oh yeah!

    I had the sudden realization of what was going on whilst on the ride home from work, and tested it as soon as I could get to a computer, using jQuery. When I was proven correct (I used jQuery to set the checked attribute as a quick test), I looked it up on StackOverflow since I didn’t know the proper way to do it using vanilla JavaScript.

    With this, you should be golden. Let me know how it goes!

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    NICE! Works perfectly! You f*cking genius!

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    I’m glad I could help! tips hat

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