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    Hi all

    I am rewriting one of my web applications. It is slow at the moment (backend and frontend) and in the rewrite, I really wish it to have a load time of less than one second.

    The app is a lyrics website. People can sign up, like lyrics, submit new artists & lyrics, and earn points and badges in doing so.

    I want the site to be responsive, and I’m wondering if I should stay away from Twitter Bootstrap. It is the thing that I’ve worked mostly in, but I always hear how front-enders always shoot it down for being too bloated and slow.

    How easy is it to create my own customer grid? Is that the best way to go? Or are there other light-weight alternatives that give me a grid that is as powerful as that of Bootstrap (if not more powerful).

    Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Bootstrap offers a lot more than just a grid system, for e.g. a lot of ready made plugins like modals, carousels and accordions.

    However, it can also be customized to download just want you want (at least it was available before version 4).So you can strip it down to the bare essentials. A nice grid system allows templates to be easily extendable, without having to add newer styles each time there’s a new grid requirement (custom ad hoc grids would only tackle a particular requirement; additional requirements would of course increase code bloat and would be no different to a grid system like Bootstrap. )

    So,in my opinion, it all boils down to your project’s requirements and possible future enhancements.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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