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    i am just finishing my 3 year university degree, throughout it we have touched on all the main web design/development topics. I feel OK/confident in using html/css, jquery, mootools (a bit), php, and
    and of course, sites like css-tricks have need a BIG helping hand (as many of us know, universities are still concerned in giving students the academic skills like having exams in non web related topics just for the sake of being "academic")

    throughout these three years i only have about 5/6 samples of works (front and back development) – and as I created them to get a mark -i feel that they lack on either aesthetics, accessibility or a bit out of date (for the sake of meeting the marking scheme)

    the bottom line is if i were looking to hire a web designer/developer – i would this twice before i would hire myself (always judging by the 5/6 sample).

    I just started thinking if I started to blog – that way I would have a lot more than 5/6 posts – the code that I write would not be hidden (so if I try to create a login system and the end result is not that good at least you can see how far I am right and wrong)
    Plus I have a strong feeling that blogging (I hope) would become addictive – so I would be learning more FOR the sake of blogging about it

    So my idea was to blog as a way to show off my skill (regardless of how detailed by skills are)
    Noting that my posts would not be as good (no where near as good) as Chris’s post – do you think if worth posting to show off to employer AND to start off with, how many posts would I need to have in order to qualify as worth showing to the potential employers.

    And lastly (if you think this is a way to go), do you know any blog posts that are written to help start blogging for this specific reason.

    thanks so muck for your feed back

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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