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    I purchased Dreamwever a few years back now but I’m tired of it, Its just too heavy for what i need. I don’t use its ftp, its design view or anything except for its coding view.

    I code in html and php mainly but also javascript everynow and then.
    I do a lot of my sites in oop with mvc so they often have complex layouts.

    So i’m looking for a new editor that’s clean and looks good but also has a projects section that can display my folders and files tidily. Error checking and code hinting would be nice but its not a must.

    Many Thanks


    I went from dreamweaver to a mac program called Coda and like it a lot. Though its ftp feature was a big selling point for me so if you don’t need that mac also has Espresso and Textmate ( E TextEditor is the PC version).
    Other popular programs used by coders I know include NetBeans and Notepad++.
    I searched ‘coding software’ on this site and found a previous discussion that might help:


    I’ve never used a fully featured piece of software like Dreamweaver.

    I use Notepad++ for markup and scripting/programming.

    Firefox 4.0 with Firebug for error checking. Then as many browser versions as possible for testing.

    IE9 has ie7/ie8 dev tools, chrome and safari.

    Also use Adobe’s online Browserlab from time to time.


    I very much enjoy me some Coda.


    Notepad++ and Filezilla for FTP.

    Filezilla has a live edit/publish option that you can tie to any editor you want. I right click files in Filezilla, edit them in Notepad ++, and when I save, Filezilla auto-prompts me to upload them back to the server.


    Thanks for all of the replies! Beeing a PC user I’ve decided to go for E TextEditor, It’s relatively cheap (compared to dreamweaver) and has lots of great functions, like its snippets function, which i now love!
    I don’y really need something with a live edit/publish feature as i do my testing on WAMP on my computer so e is perfect for what i need.

    Thanks Again


    I used E before and liked the snippets functions, but then I dicovered Netbeans…! SO much better then E and also has the same snippets idea, but it is called code templates and palletes. You can customizes it your own way. It almost reads your mind. If you use anything like WP or jquery and will store all the custom functions and variables and everything else and code hint them for you within your project. I have not seen this work on anything other then Netbeans.


    I recommend Notepad++ .


    @mwarren you could actually just edit ftp files within notepad++ without even filezilla.

    i use to do what u’re doing, but hate that filezilla can’t auto save file when it changes in notepad++

    more info at

    netbeans works great for me too!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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