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    Hello. I’m working a redesign for my website and I’m just wondering if people have any thoughts on it? What can be improved / completely changed. Anything that can be added? Etc.


    Single post page:


    Looks great! I think it is an improvement for sure.


    Haha. So you’ve seen the current site design?


    Yes, I checked out your site


    I think it is a good start, but could use some work mainly in the navigation area. I think the font is much too distracting, I think a nice light font like Helvetica Neue or Proxima Nova would suit it well at maybe 15pt. Also, the search bar inner shadow looks a bit harsh, you could bring it down a bit. Furthermore, the background image is a bit too WOW as well. Maybe a more subtle shade or thinner stripes would do the design more justice.

    Please take these comments the wrong way. It is a great design, I’m just trying to give my opinion.



    I’ll make these changes later in the night and re-post some screenshots. As far as the background image goes, it’s user-customizable from 10 different options that are all different. The color choice is also customizable by the user.

    Thanks for the feedback so far!


    How does this look? Changed the nav bar and the box-shadow in the search box. Also, I modified the font that will be used for article titles (it looks a little fuzzy right now and I’m looking into why).



    I’ve gone ahead and re-modeled the featured stories section of the homepage as well. Does anyone have any last thoughts?



    I wouldn’t go full-black for the background behind the titles of the featured stories. I’d lower the opacity, it’s a little overpowering like that. Maybe try 50%.


    I tried 50% and it looked way too “washed out.” How does this version look?


    Much better. I think the site as a whole needs a little bit more breathing room – everything seems crammed together.


    I think that the thing with facebook, … on the first page is too much in one place. Other than that, it’s very nice.



    Just to clarify…do you mean by “facebook thing” the featured stories section (the thing that has two blocks on top and three on bottom)?


    Alright. I added a little bit of padding around some elements – let me know where else/thoughts.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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