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    > However, even testing on my own site, #000 causes weird rendering of the letterforms alone.

    Yes!! I completely forgot about this reason. In fact I think it was this exact reason that first made me experiment with colour shades. I find this is worse on PC’s.

    The link you provided was an interesting read.

    > And here a few sites that use black on white that I just came across. (uses a mixture of pure black and shades of black)

    Good find. Sites like Licenselab that use heavy contrast throughout can get away with it in my opinion. Although for me personally, even then I would still drop the body text back a little, while keeping the absolute black for design elements.

    todaythe12 seem to be using a strange technique, transparent colour for text, with a black text shadow with all values set at 0px. I can’t seem to see the reasoning behind this, there doesn’t seem to be any difference as opposed just using black.

    > I’m glad we could have a healthy discussion on this topic.


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    > I’ve forgotten about content. I’m gonna work on that for a bit.

    Good move and nice pen!

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