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    Not the sort of thoughts you think, though. Just wondering what people think of this as an idea. Brilliant and bold, or stupid?


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    I highly disagree with @htmlmainiac.


    Edit: Oops. You asked for feedback on the project, not design. Could you explain more on what this project is about?

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    @tannercampbell Too late, sorry. If you have specific questions regarding the layout and design, it would probably be best if you created an additional thread for feedback. Otherwise this thread will get sidetracked.

    Nice article, actually. This is quite fascinating. I’d like to know why you shut down your business and then reopened it in March. So, yeah, maybe blog about each position?

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    Unrelated: Your name sounds familiar on this forum but I can’t quite figure out how I remember you.

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    and you actually did

    Ahaha. Doubt that. Still learning just as much as you are. I usually remember people by their site but yours doesn’t look familiar.

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    That’s a really interesting list you have there. Your life can’t be boring :P I like the giraffe feeding, and the volunteering in Haiti.

    > what do you think about each job linking to a blog entry that tells the story of my experience at that job?

    I would read that.

    # April 13, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I wonder if it could look like a mind map – basically a bunch of nodes that can branch off so you could see a lot of different thoughts all at once. Has anyone seen anything like that before? @JoshWhite

    The only thing that comes to mind of that sort of thing is Jessica Hische’s ‘should I work for free‘. But that’s more of a directional diagram than just branching off.

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