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    Hey all. I’ve decided to take a stab at tutorial writing, and I decided to go over a little proof-of-concept page I’ve made, trying to make something like what Chris made in his Dynamic Page / Replacing Content, using only CSS, and still meeting all the best practices that Chris outlined.

    After I do the how-to part, I want to discuss how and when (if ever) this sort of approach should be used, and its pros and cons. I was hoping to get some of your thoughts and impressions on it, to give me more food for thought for when I write it.

    Here’s a demo of the technique in action, for your perusal.

    *Note: As I’m currently on Ubuntu, I haven’t been able to test it in IE, but it should (theoretically) degrade nicely.


    Nicely done! Unfortunately it doesn’t work in IE7 but that was to be expected. I love the :target pseudo-class, I have also been doing some experiments with it recently.


    How does it degrade? Does all the content still show up?


    The first page shows up, you lose everything else.


    Okay, I think I know where the issue is. I’ll have to tweak it a bit before I go “live” with it. Thanks again.

    *Edit: I’ve fixed the issues I think are appearing. Now all the sections should appear, even in IE. The only issue is that the “home” page is by necessity at the bottom. I’m still working on a work around for that one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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