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    Ok so many of you would recognize I have been on here for a month or so trying ever so persistantly to learn more CSS but mostly the animal that is WordPress.

    I wanted to write this post to first of thank everyone who helped me out so much! Especially Ikthius and Robskiwarrier. It is so great how willing to help people are on here. There were times I felt like giving up but with your help and pushing on I met the goals of figuring out everything I wanted to about WP before building my final portfolio site. Whipping away tears.. ha jj.

    This I was making was strictly for the purpose of learning
    So that I could then go and start all over again to make my official site. Parts of this one turned out so great I think I may just use it as a sort of template and just redesign it to my liking. Im such a perfectionist.

    Anyway, again thank you so much. I would still appreciate any feedback anyone has on this site so that i can correct it before going on. I want to make sure I did things at least as close as I could to the right way.

    Oh and if I never mentioned it. I am a graphic designer/illustration starting my own gig (hence making my site) and am eager to work with anyone who is in need or interested in my services. Thanks!

    Peace and love! ;)~

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    Thaks lin,

    I remember getting all wound up when no one helped me getting started. that is why, when I think I can help, I do.

    just on small critique though, it is a good site, and it has come together well.

    your sidebar & main content are not lined up that well in FF, I will test Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE6, 7, & 8 just now and get back

    Edit: all seem to have the same size roughly as the problem,

    Another small thing, in IE6 it is totally different, a white background, not a black one. but to be honest, I dont care that much for IE6

    this is just either a padding/margin top issue

    good work, your next wordpress will be easier, it was for me

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    no probs Lin :D

    You have a great eye for design, the site is great :)

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    Your portfolio is great, love your style.

    I desperately wanted to be able to answer your questions, but I unfortunately know less than nothing about WordPress. Certainly on my to do list.

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    Hey there Lin, nice looking site… If you don’t mind, I have a few details I noticed…

    The header image sort of abruptly ends on the left… the right is much better, it just looks incomplete on the left side… In fact, as I look closer, the top right of the blue swish thing is also cut off… I would just suggest making it smoother.

    Next is the About image… There is a weird 2-3px line above it… I notice a smaller 1 px line above the others, but they aren’t matching up with the beginning of the black bar that is coming out from under the card.

    I like the look of the header, so personally, I would move the search bar down into the footer, or as a sidebar widget. Personally, I feel search bars are only appropriate for a large site that has LOTS of information on it. it’s always nice to have, but personally I feel it takes away from the neatnesssimplicity of the header… especially since its your standard browser search bar wo styles.

    Also, I think its always good to have any email not only typed out, but also as a mailto: link. It’s just a small and expected convenience… Especially as you have it bold, I expected a hover change, then was even more suprised to find it wasn’t even a link.

    Another thing I just noticed… Your email says "" but your website is "" It’s always good to just have it consistent.

    Overall it looks nice, I just think a few details here and there. ;)

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    "TheDoc" wrote:
    Your portfolio is great, love your style.

    I desperately wanted to be able to answer your questions, but I unfortunately know less than nothing about WordPress. Certainly on my to do list.


    I stepped into the world of wordpress a few months ago, it was tough, but once you got a basic theme, you can cut and paste code all over the place (php) to have it the way you want it.

    the main thing to remember is: nearly everything in your theme is what you see on your page (some exceptions)

    but it is just standard html with CSS but broken up into sections of differeing php

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    Thanks milehighdesigner for your feedback. Very good point about the email.. and the search bar.

    Some of the inconsistancies and miss aligned things you have mentioned I am aware of but good eye on catching them. I actually plan on completely re designing the header, nav bar, and probably will do more with the footer. I built this site to learn and practice all I wanted to know to make my official site sooo… I allowed a bit of sloppiness! My official site will be hosted at
    this domain I bought then decided I didn’t want BUT used to make this practice site.
    I am so excited though because I think I will just build my site off of this. It did turn out better than I expected.. 1/2, or more than half my work is done.. now I just get to have fun polishing it and being more maticulous about DESIGN details. (which is more my forte)

    This code stuff is a bit out of my… well it doesnt agree with the freedom my creative mind likes to have I guess I could say..BUT, I have become very intrigued by it. It is an art of its own.

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