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    I’m working on a project running on apache with php, mySql. It has a databse, but only for the products section, its not a CMS. I want this site to be “top-notch,” as it’s main purpose (aside from a small $$ gain) is to land me a job. (ps haven’t built a site in nearly 10 yrs)

    Currently, EVERYTHING runs through my main page. Everything gets included in there based off my query string. (this is how we did it, “back in the day”) At some point this site will be hosted on the clients server, which I can’t alter and don’t want to maintain. I’m giving them files …

    1) How much will clean URLs help my prospects of finding a Job with this site.

    2) How clean should/can I make them given I can’t screw with the server settings.

    3) How should I structure my files so I’m not always on the same page, but can still avoid duplicating code with my includes. (I can think of some ways, but looking for “best practices” type-answer)

    Here it is (thus far) if you’re curious:


    Have a look at my cms with clean urls


    Hey, thanks a lot. I’m digging in. Huge reply!


    Uploading a zip to github beats the purpose of version control I think.

    , you sure honor your name :P

    There are a few topics here about rewriting url with .htaccess, and then including the proper page content php file based on request URI. I would go that way. URLs like `` aren’t looking that professional, `` is better, maybe you intend to fix that on production though… Yay, I am the shit!


    Thanks guys. All the answers were helpful to me. I feel much more confident moving forward with my index.php layout. I now know I can still clean the URL and know how to do it. Awesome.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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